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Functional environment-friendly recycled fiber

Key words: regenerated FDY white silk and regenerated POY, DTY white silk and regenerated colored silk




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Black fiber DTY - functional environmentally friendly fiber Yongyin Chemical Fiber

Due to the deteriorating global environment in which human beings are living, countries around the world have taken environmental protection to an extremely important position, and the printing and dyeing and post-treatment of various textile materials is a great source of pollution. Therefore, the coloring of the melt in the fiber is The trend of spinning, first, the use of cationic raw materials, and dyes due to the action of ions to make dyeing easier, reduce pollution, the second is to directly add a variety of masterbatch, so that the fiber is processed to color, reduce the dyeing process, color fast It is also highly used and is widely used in various fabrics.
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Our black polyester DTY specifications are mainly 30D to 600D, 24F to 288F. The quality is stable and the quality is excellent. Generally, there are low elastic wires, medium elastic wires, high elastic wires, light mesh wires, heavy mesh wires, no mesh wires, micro mesh wires, low elastic micro mesh wires, and the like.


黑色纤维DTY——功能性环保纤维 永银化纤


DTY (Draw texturing yarn) is a finished yarn that is continuously or simultaneously stretched on a texturing machine and deformed by a twister.


黑色纤维DTY——功能性环保纤维 永银化纤


DTY network wire: Network wire refers to the filament in the network nozzle, which is acted upon by the jet stream, and the filaments are entangled with each other to form a periodic network point. Network processing is mostly used for the processing of POY, FDY and DTY. The network technology combined with the network technology and DTY technology has the fluffiness and good elasticity of the textured yarn, and has many periodicity and network points, which improves the tightness of the filament. Degree, eliminating the need for several processes in textile processing and improving the ability of the tow to pass through the water jet loom.


黑色纤维DTY——功能性环保纤维 永银化纤


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黑色纤维DTY——功能性环保纤维 永银化纤

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