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Functional environment-friendly recycled fiber

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Cool DTY functional environmental fiber - Yongyin Chemical Fiber

The cold fiber is a nano-scale mica added to the melt spinning, the jade powder, which is mainly a carbonate mineral; the main components are SiO2, AL2O3, etc., and further contain various metal ions such as Fe, Na, Mg, etc. The hexagonal or rhomboid plate-like and sheet-like structure itself has good thermal conductivity, and the nanometer mica surface is charged, has high hydration, and easily forms a hydrated film, so under the dual action of heat conduction and water film The fabric has a distinct cool feeling, so it is widely used in the fabric of the season.
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The key to cold fiber is to add mica in the production process. Friends who are familiar with chemistry know that mica is a general term for a group of layered silicate minerals such as potassium, aluminum, magnesium, iron and lithium. Mica is widely distributed on the earth and is one of the familiar minerals in daily life. Its shape is mostly in the form of flakes or scales. It is often aggregated to form an aggregate, which can be peeled into a thickness of 0.01-0.03mm. Soft and elastic sheet. Mica has the luster of glass or pearl, and its color mainly becomes deeper with the increase of iron content. The chemical properties of mica are relatively stable, and its thermal conductivity, water absorption, adsorption and insulation are better. The icy fiber is blended into nano-mica with polyester as the carrier, and its natural layered structure and "thermal conductivity + water-containing" dual effect are used to achieve the cool effect!
In addition, because mica has good adsorption, the mica cold fiber has the function of decomposing odor molecules like activated carbon, so the deodorization can be achieved without the fragrance.
The cold fiber is not only a functional fiber but also an environmentally friendly fiber. The appearance of cold fiber and its textiles can bring people a cool feeling in the hot summer, which makes people reduce the excessive dependence on air conditioners, and also achieves low carbon environmental protection requirements. Get better wearing comfort. Therefore, it is widely used in the fabrics of summer.
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