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Functional environment-friendly recycled fiber

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Coconut charcoal DTY functional environmental fiber - Yongyin Chemical Fiber

Coco carbon is heated into a coconut shell fiber to 1200 ° C to produce activated carbon to make the masterbatch into the spinning, the fiber crystallized in the coconut shell fiber is spiral and potentially amorphous lignin and hemicellulose, processing The coconut carbon has a specific surface area of 4-6 times that of bamboo charcoal. It not only deodorizes, far infrared, and negative oxygen ions are more powerful, but also has a stronger dry and breathable effect, which greatly improves the human environment and can be widely used as underwear. Sportswear, bedding, socks, etc.
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Coco fiber is made by heating the fiber of coconut shell to 1200 °C to produce activated carbon. The principle is similar to the spinning process of bamboo charcoal fiber. The physical properties and functionality are similar. They are all recycled green. Fiber, but the crystallization of the fiber in the coke fiber is helical and potentially amorphous lignin and hemicellulose. The processed coconut carbon has a specific surface area 4-6 times that of bamboo charcoal, so the functionality is compared with bamboo charcoal fiber. Under the coconut fiber is better. Therefore, it is more powerful than bamboo charcoal fiber in terms of antibacterial deodorization, adsorption, negative oxygen ion, and far infrared.
Coconut carbon fiber contains coconut carbon particles, which remain active after being made into garments. The heterogeneous trilobal structure makes coconut carbon fiber have strong adsorption capacity; coconut carbon in the fiber forms a porous water-permeable surface, which can quickly absorb large amounts of moisture. It rapidly spreads and exerts, and has a stronger dry and breathable effect; the high concentration of negative oxygen ions makes the antibacterial and deodorizing function of the microenvironment around the fiber stronger. Greatly improved the human body environment, widely used as underwear, sportswear, bedding, socks and so on.
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