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Functional environment-friendly recycled fiber

Key words: regenerated FDY white silk and regenerated POY, DTY white silk and regenerated colored silk




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Environmentally friendly recycled FDY polyester filament

Jiangsu Yongyin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. environmentally-recycled polyester fiber, recycled polyester bottle sheet, with good dyeing uniformity, environmentally-friendly recycled polyester (PET) fiber has wear-resistant, moisture-absorbing properties, can be made into a variety of fabrics, used in Covering, hosiery, denim, gloves, plush blankets, webbing, ready-to-wear and other fields. The company can customize a variety of special specifications and colors according to the individual needs of customers. DTY specifications: 50/36 75/36 75/48 75/72 100/36 100/72 150/36 150/72 150/144 300/96 300/288
Detailed description
The Baote bottle will be decomposed in the underground for 450 years, and the 1 kg Baote bottle is equivalent to 0.8 liters of crude oil. Excessive use of PET PET bottles has caused considerable damage to environmental disasters and energy consumption.

宝特瓶埋在地下要450年才会分解,而1 kg的宝特瓶相当于0.8公升的原油,过度使用PET宝特瓶对环境灾害及能源消耗已造成相当严重的损害。


The recycled polyester fiber made from Recycle and reuse is the same as the general polyester. It is PET Polyethylene Terephthalate and is terephthalic acid. Terephthalate acid) and ethylene glycol (Ethylene glycol) polymerized polymer.

Resource recycling and recycling are currently the most commonly used methods for carbon reduction. PET PET bottles are recycled and made into PET fibers. Recycling a 1 liter capacity bottle can reduce CO2 emissions by 0.042 kg, and every 20 PET PET bottles can be processed to make a summer T-shirt.

PET PET bottle can be made into recycled polyester (PET) filament after being processed by de-labeling, washing, sorting, pulverization, flotation, etc., and PET pellets can be processed into granulated pellets, melted and melted. Or a fiber in which the staple fiber is spun into a yarn by a spinning process.

Jiangsu Yongyin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. reclaims environmentally friendly polyester fiber, which is used to recycle and reuse waste plastic bottles that are difficult to decompose in a polluted environment. Through physical methods and chemical polymerization, high-performance reclaimed environmentally friendly polyester fibers are produced, thereby reducing environmental pollution and saving limited oil. Resources to effectively reduce energy consumption. Recycled and environmentally friendly polyester fiber, recycled polyester bottle sheet, with good dyeing uniformity, is an ideal substitute for raw melt straight-spun polyester DTY, FDY, POY filament. The company has obtained the GRS Recycling Environmental Certification System Certification and the OEKO-texStandard100 Recycling Environmental Protection System Certification.

Environmentally-friendly recycled polyester (PET) fiber has the characteristics of wear resistance, moisture absorption and good air permeability. It can be made into a variety of high-end, environmentally-friendly fabrics. It is widely used in wrapping, hosiery, denim, gloves, plush blankets, webbing, and ready-to-wear. And other fields.

The company can customize a variety of special specifications according to the customer's individual needs: light recycled fiber, semi-dull recycled fiber, full matt recycled fiber, antibacterial recycled fiber and colored recycled fiber. Production varieties: DTY, FDY, POY; 50~450D/24F~576F various specifications.

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