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Functional environment-friendly recycled fiber

Key words: regenerated FDY white silk and regenerated POY, DTY white silk and regenerated colored silk




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PBT stretch silk fabric - functional environmental fiber - Yongyin Chemical Fiber

The raw material of PBT fiber is butylene terephthalate. Because of the increase of -CH2-CH2- molecular chain in the molecular chain, the flexible part of PBT chain is increased
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The raw material of PBT fiber is butylene terephthalate. Because of the increase of -CH2-CH2- molecular chain in the molecular chain, the flexible part of PBT chain is increased, so that the melting point and glass transition temperature of PBT fiber are also better than PET. Low, resulting in increased fiber flexibility and flexibility, in addition to PBT has the following characteristics:
First, it has good durability, dimensional stability and good elasticity. Its elasticity is better than nylon, and its elasticity is not affected by humidity. PBT fiber and its products have soft hand feeling, good hygroscopicity, abrasion resistance and fiber curling property, excellent tensile elasticity and compression elasticity, and its elastic recovery rate is superior to that of polyester. PBT fibers have special stretchability under dry and wet conditions, and the elasticity is not affected by changes in ambient temperature.
Second, it has good dyeing performance, and it can be subjected to atmospheric pressure boiling dyeing with ordinary disperse dyes without carrier. The dyed fiber has bright color, excellent color fastness and chlorine resistance.
Third, it has excellent chemical resistance, light resistance and heat resistance. Its chemical resistance is better than spandex.
Because PBT fiber has good elasticity and elastic recovery, the elasticity is not affected by the temperature and humidity of the environment, has good heat resistance, dimensional stability and wear resistance, and can be dyed without the carrier at normal temperature and pressure, and the color fastness High, anti-pilling, anti-static and other characteristics, so PBT stretch yarn products are widely used in high-end sportswear, underwear, swimwear, casual wear, dance tights, stretch jeans, ski pants, stockings, stockings Highly elastic textiles such as bandages for medical applications.
In addition, PBT and PET composite fiber has fine and dense three-dimensional crimp, superior resilience, soft hand feeling and excellent dyeing performance, and is an ideal imitation wool and imitation feather material.
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