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Functional environment-friendly recycled fiber

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Flame retardant DTY functional environmental fiber - Yongyin Chemical Fiber

Antibacterial fiber, flame retardant fiber is spun by flame retardant section with flame retardant added, and phosphorus flame retardant is mainly used now. Generally, the phosphorus content is above 6000ppm. The main feature is that the fiber product is only smoldering in the flame, leaving the flame, and the smoldering itself is extinguished. It is mainly used for protective clothing, home decoration materials such as sofa cloth and curtain fabric.
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Flame-retardant fibers are spun from flame-retardant chips with flame retardants, and phosphorus-based flame retardants are now mainly used. Generally, the phosphorus content is above 6000ppm. The main feature is that the fiber product only smolders in the flame, leaving the flame, and the smoldering itself extinguishes.
The difficulty of burning fibers in air is represented by the Limit Oxygen Index (LOI). The limiting oxygen index is the lowest percentage of oxygen contained in the nitrogen and oxygen mixture in the environment when the fiber that keeps the fire leaves the fire source while the fiber continues to burn. In air, the percentage of oxygen is 21%, so if the fiber's LOI is <21%, the fiber is flammable or flammable. If l01>21%, the fiber is a flame retardant or flame retardant fiber. When LOI > 26%, it is called flame retardant fiber.
Flame retardant fiber properties:
1. Good security. The fiber does not melt when it is in a fire, and the low smoke does not release the poison gas.
2, washing and friction, etc. will not affect the flame retardant properties.
3. Environmental protection. Waste can be naturally degraded and meets environmental requirements.
4, good thermal insulation and anti-static properties. Provides a full range of thermal protection.
5, with natural fiber properties. The fabric has the moisture absorption and desorption properties of natural fibers, and the fabric has the characteristics of soft hand feeling, comfort, breathability and bright dyeing.
Flame retardant fiber use:
1. Protective clothing.
2. Household items.
3. Decorative items.
4. Ready-to-wear and minor clothing.
5. Non-woven fabrics and fillers
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