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Hollow fiber

Hollow fiber

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2019/05/20 11:22
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A chemical fiber with a thin tubular cavity along its axis. A chemical fiber having tubular cavities along its axial direction.
According to its role is divided into two categories: (1) with the wattle, hollow degree requirements is not high, about 30% ~ 100%, the main pursuit of light and warm, in order to improve its resilience, but also made of core hollow fiber, heat treatment and the formation of three-dimensional crimp; (2) for the separation of membrane, hollow degree and section roundness requirements, membrane wall micropores and their distribution have certain requirements, but also can be coated with a layer or two layers of different ultrathin separation layer, in order to improve the separation effect and selectivity.
(1) ring hollow, c-shaped or eccentric hollow spinnell-plate is used to spin fiber by melt spinning (polyester, etc.) or solution spinning; (2) with hollow (some use C shape) spinneret, through dry and wet spinning or melt spinning fiber, some of the central part of the need for air or different composition of the solidification liquid, made series of products.
Can be used for winter clothing, bedding and pad with wadding, etc. Assembled into microfiltration, ultrafiltration, dialysis, gas separation, reverse osmosis and evaporative osmosis, etc.
The hollow fiber structure of sunlite, containing a large amount of still air, can bring light elasticity, good moisture permeability and comfortable thermal effect for the fabric, widely used in thermal underwear, underwear, sports apparel, casual clothing, shirts, outdoor sports and blankets and other fields.
Product performance
Lighter and warmer: the high air structure reduces the weight of the fiber by 20%, and can contain a large amount of still air, making the fabric lightweight and thermal performance is improved by 65% compared with ordinary homogeneous fabric
Plump and soft: the product becomes the fabric to bring more rich and smooth comfortable feel
Dry and moisture permeable: compared with the daily thick warm fabric, it is easier to permeable, dry and comfortable product specifications