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Functional environment-friendly recycled fiber

Key words: regenerated FDY white silk and regenerated POY, DTY white silk and regenerated colored silk




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热门关键词:  再生FDY白丝及有色丝    再生POY、DTY白丝及有色丝     功能性长丝     再生阳离子、阻燃、竹炭、荧光、PBT

About us

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         Yongyin chemical fiber Co., Ltd., a chemical fiber enterprise full of vigor and passion, is rapidly rising and growing in nantong, a promising industrial base. Embracing the ideal of serving the country by industry, yongyin people, with their brand-new business philosophy and advanced management culture, are deducing the new legend of chemical fiber industry and forging ahead courageously towards the goal of automobile interior decoration industry and functional environment-friendly fiber supplier.
         In 1999, in the east wind of reform and opening up, by the wave of developing private economy, Mr Xing-fu Chen led the creation of qidong is chemical fiber company shareholders, namely jiangsu silver chemical fiber precursor, began the road of entrepreneurship, from management to "buy", "lease" from 6000 tons to 30000 tons of annual production scale, from 500000 yuan to 60 million yuan of registered capital, the company step by step on a new journey.
The company is located in qidong city, which is reputed as "pearl of river and sea", with the yellow sea in the east, the Yangtze river estuary in the south, adjacent to Shanghai, close to the ningqi expressway and the shanghai-chongqi highway, with unique geographical advantages and convenient transportation. The company covers an area of more than 70,000 square meters, the existing staff of more than 150 people, 35 engineering and technical personnel, annual output value of 300 million, with the right to operate the import and export, through the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Successively introduced Italy POY products line, Japan TMT company of polyester FDY such line, Germany Obama lattice type 1210 draw texturing equipment and slice analysis of microscope, computer color analyzer, wu, meter and other related supporting all kinds of production testing equipment, focused on automotive interior and roof fabric fibers, recycled fibers and fiber moisture absorption perspiration, cool sense, quick dry fiber, flame retardant fiber, fluorescent fiber, bamboo charcoal fiber, coconut carbon fiber, Far-infrared magnetic fiber, PBT, stretch yarn, color antibacterial fiber, spinning, DTY black silk, polyester FDY such ATY polyester filament, a light abnormity high network functional products such as research and development and manufacturing, product series has been formed, differentiation and functional, widely used in sports with textiles, home textile, clothing textiles, and automobile inner decoration, etc.
This company actively founds "solid and meticulous, self-improvement" style of work, strict process control and quality control, to create "yong Yin" brand. For the development of special fiber products, the company with donghua university, suzhou university, developing textile specialized research and development institutions, such as cooperation, strengthen the joint research on key technology, the hardware facilities to increase the one screw a winding, the other two winding screw, a screw three winding spinning equipment, formed a small batch and many varieties, for large customers tailored with unique value of the functional fiber, environmental protection has become the rich, the United States Lear, Germany's aunde, Japan toray, Taiwan nanliang, chori (China) business of the company's suppliers.
The company attaches importance to the construction of corporate culture, adopts modern and advanced management mode, and comprehensively introduces CIS corporate image identification system and ERP integrated information management system. In terms of management, the company actively explores, dares to practice, dares to make breakthroughs, boldly absorbs advanced management experience of excellent enterprises, adopts the way of going out and inviting in, strengthens training for employees at all levels, and helps employees grow rapidly, with obvious results achieved. Adhere to the people-oriented, the establishment of incentive and restraint mechanism, talent, talent training, retain, make the best use of talent, respect for knowledge, respect for labor, respect for the creation of the enterprise has been in the wind.
Sincere care and perseverance, care for employees, poverty alleviation, love for students, respect for the elderly, such as spring breeze, warm hearts, generous, well-known, over the past decade, the company's accumulated charitable donations, donations of more than 6 million yuan. Yongyin chemical fiber has been rated as "top 100 private enterprises in nantong city", "top 50 industrial enterprises in nantong city", "energy-saving enterprise", "enterprise with the most potential for development", "national high-tech enterprise", etc. At the same time, the chairman of the company, Chen xingfu, was awarded "outstanding entrepreneur", "star of charity" and other titles.
Business is fought in the invisible, success and confidence from a strong, strong strength. Abide by the "integrity of the first, promise" business promise, to create unique value for customers, so that the products sold in jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai, fujian, shandong, anhui and other places. In the challenge and opportunity coexist in the future, the company will keep in mind the "for big clients make" functional environmental protection fiber has the unique value of historical mission, adhering to the "unity and struggle, weight endeavour" silver spirit, adhere to the low carbon environmental protection concept, function, different development path unswervingly, and to enhance the product quality as the center, to control the product cost and expand the market in the guiding ideology, go all out to develop high value-added products, strive to through 5 to 10 years of effort, become a chemical fiber segment leading technology, first-class management company in the industry.
Yongyin, a luxury, elegant, fashion, simple, meaningful charm brand, is with his amazing courage and persistent pursuit, step by step towards the automotive interior industry environmental protection functional fiber supplier brilliant tomorrow!